The Idea

Fashion Undiscovered is targeted at the core problem of opaque supply chains in the fashion industry: the unconscious consumer. We are developing an interactive application, deployed by fashion brands, that invites fashion consumers to look at a garment’s supply chain more closely in order to create awareness for the environmental and social footprint the garment production leaves behind. In collaboration with retailers, fashion companies and manufacturers, we will make it possible to equip clothes with a code that, when scanned, tells the consumer when, where and by whom the garment was sown, its environmental footprint, the share of price paid for manufacturing, the origin of the raw material used, the chemicals used for dyeing and the garment’s global journey.

We say, these information are of value. Thus, these information should be taken into account when determining the value of a piece of garment. The application is not only a tool through which information are conveyed but a means to convey a new perspective on value and the value creation of garments.

We will revolutionize the fashion industry by addressing a major pain point no one yet really tackles: the unconscious consumer. To clarify what this exactly means: on one the hand side there a lot of companies and startups tackling the issue of the lack of transparency in supply chains (including all blockchain-related projects). On the other hand side the people who are creating awareness for sustainable fashion just don’t have the leverage to create influence on large scale as they are mainly communicating to their own “community” (people that are already in any way show interest in the field of sustainable fashion). To make a change, it needs external force. What governments and regulations are to fashion companies, our application is to its consumers.